1 Biggest Dream

The first step to becoming more successful in life is to find out what your biggest passion is, your biggest dream. Chose one dream and make that dream big in your mind. If everything was posible how would it look? Make it good. See yourself already having achieved your biggest dream. How does it feel?

What you create in your subconscious mind, becomes a desire. The bigger and more defined the desire you form for yourself, the more your subconscious will work for you to make it happen. It will give you the passion, energy, joy and willpower (in other words, all kinds of resources) you’ll need for you reaching your dream.

So right now deside what you want, how it will make you feel, and what it would mean to you and your surroundings.

If you want to feel happy after reaching your dream, it is also important that you help others in whatever ways you see yourself able to. That you have a meaning that is beyond just yourself, that you are someone with a little depth. Your dreams may inspire joy onto others or maybe procure your family with food on the table. Whatever you do, only creativity is the limit in terms of what way you can contribute. Think about it.

Student of Life
Erik Tømmerås

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2010-5-13 Category: 14 Days Challange

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