3 Create the Plan from your Dream

Okey so now you probably have a big dream that you are excited about! Good, now let’s plan it! The key here is to have the mental image in your mind, of your ultimate goal or purpouse. Then you simply see yourself doing the stuff you need to do in order for you to acheive it.

What did you do? do you see the steps? maybe you don’t know yet, but still set a date on when you think it is done.

1. Write down your goal on a paper and the date you will have acomplished it. Idealy you want to make a 10-year goal, 5-year goal, 1-year goal, 6-month goal & one month goal (of course you could change your goals on your path, this is just a roadmap that it will make it much more easy).

2. Be very spesific with these goals. write down excactly what you want and describe it. let’s say you need money to buy a new car. Write down f.ex: 1. january 2011 I will have 74.530$ in my bank so I can buy a Toyota Avensis 2010 model with the colour blue and Gps.

3. Write down how this will make you feel, what this will mean for your family and so on. Why do you want this. Maybe you want a new car because it has more space so you can take your family out camping. Maybe you’ll feel proud to own this car. Will it make you feel more like a man or a woman? Do this step and get a litle extra excited.

4. Now you have the goals, the why, the feelings involved and a date! Hang this on the wall, put a frame around it if you want to. See, believe and feel your goals in the morning and last thing before going to bed at night. This step will boost your inspiration and deffently boost your energylevel!

I hope you plan some great goals. I wish you good luck!

In two days I will blog about networking. Meeting and talking with people with simular goals and people who have acheived your goal will make the prossess so much more easy and fun!

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Student of Life
Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2010-5-17 Category: 14 Days Challange

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  1. #1Henery Schaffer @ 2010-5-17 20:56


    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.

  2. #2Erik Tømmerås @ 2010-5-17 21:25

    Great idea, but I think our blog’s are too different from eachother.

    Thanks anyway.

  3. #3proform bike @ 2010-5-24 18:03

    …the great old fashioned way! Forget the rounded corners, padded mats, sawdust cushions, plastic slides, rubber this and rubber that; Give children some thing they can understand to become careful with, like the stuff we had when we had been growing up; metal slides that would singe the skin right off your legs on a hot summer day, 3 story tall metal monkey bars set in cement (so when you hit three or four bars on the way down to the cement you’d know to become more cautious), swings that would catapult you into the stratosphere if you let go about the upswing, a sand-box where all the neighborhood dogs would pee and poo, wood-seat teeter-totters that could render you sterile when fatty jumped off the other end when you were way up there! Kids are wussies these days! No much more actual playing. All Nintendoized little brats that cry and have tantrums at the drop of a hat!

  4. #4Hai Goring @ 2010-6-6 00:52

    I was just having a conversation over this I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had.

  5. Erik Tømmerås @ 2010-6-17 16:05


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