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What is a network? In this post I’m going to talk about creating a network of people. A network is simply the people around you that you have access to. Like friends, collegues, friends friends and so on. These are people who can give you recomendations for jobs, valuable information, inspiration and much much more. So it is a good idea to create a good network with the right people for your goal and interests.

Now you have propably found out and written down what you want to accomplish in your life. I know that a person does not become truly great without the help of other people. So the next step to take now is to create a good network around you that will make you acheive your goals that much faster!

So what kind of people do you want around you in your life? I got a great exercise from my coach:

1. Write down what values and qualities the persons in your network should have. Make some good standards. Write down as spesific as possible for each of these: Friends, Business and Realationships.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value” – Albert Einstein. The more value you give to others the more you will receive back, so give alot of value :)

2. Write down your own qualeities and values. What can you present to the table?

3. Where can you meet these people? how can you get to know them? Maybe you first have to get to know one of their friends to get trough to them. If it is a really famous person this is most likely a necessary step.

Start to look at your current network and see how can get you closer to the kind of person you would like to meet, maybe you need to meet 10 new people before you find the kind of person you’re looking for or it can be just one.

4. Give some value to the people you are meeting. Ideally, find out what their passion is all about, so you have something they like to talk about. You could also find solutions to their problems. This will create deeper connection, which is ideally in any type of realationship.

5. Be steadfast to your commitments!! If you follow up and deliver every time, you will be one of those rare people who have HUGE success with other people. Make some small commitments that will help the people around you. That will give you so much back.

The more you give the more you’ll get :)

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Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2010-5-19 Category: 14 Days Challange

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  1. #1Fouzia @ 2010-5-21 20:25

    Liker det du har skrevet her! Er helt enig med deg :) )

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