Are you addicted to your emotions?

Emotions are a very important part of our lives. They give us pain when we don’t live up to our standard and pleasure when we do good. Our emotions are great guidance for knowing if you do the right thing or not. Emotions also give us the motivation to improve and be a better version of or self. Used right they are very good for us, but many people are not using their emotions. The emotions use them! Like a drug they are addicted to!

Think about it are you in control or is your emotions in control?
I’m not talking about being controlled by fear. That’s a whole other subject.

I’m talking about being controlled by pleasure. Think about it how many times a day do you check your mail or Facebook? If you do it more than 3 times a day. Is it then really to keep you updated or is it to get that little high that comes from a new mail or a new notification on Facebook?

Let’s face it, we want to feel good! And that’s a good thing. The only thing that one should watch out for is trying to feel good all the time. After some time doing that you will start to feel bored and become sad until your body have produced a new dose of happy-hormones and you are ready to feel good again.

Living life like this is certainly better than being depressed all the time, but it is not optimal and will not make you reach your full potential.

For the emotionally healthy individual a day would look more like. He wakes up brushes his teeth and make breakfast. Then check Facebook. 3 new notifications. He feels good. Then he takes the dishes right away ( Not the most fun but feels OK to do). Then he might go to work. When he comes home he does the things he planned to do before he do something fun. Pattern (fun/happy-state) (normal-state) (fun/happy-state) …

The unhealthy emotional person would not take the dishes right away and just do the fun stuff instead. After a couple of days he realize that his place look like shit. He has used up all the happy hormones and now he has to clean ALLOT of stuff not feeling good at all.
Pattern (Fun/happy-state all day) (sad/frustrated-state all day)

The key to be emotionally healthy and in control is discipline. Discipline yourself to be balanced! Another very important key is to not hold on to happy emotions. Say you had an amazing experience. Don’t go and think about it all day. The more you think about it the longer time it takes for your body to create enough dopamine to have another one of those experiences. Awareness is the answer. Be here right now, focusing on what you are doing right now and your ability to have amazing experiences will increase dramatically!

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Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-7-1 Category: Self Improvement

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