Art of Mastery – part 3

In George Leonard’s book mastery he talks about Aikido – one of the toughest martial arts sports to master! It is a great example. That sport is all about perfecting the basic moves. In the beginning George found it boring doing the same throw over and over again. But then he started to notice small distinctions in every trow. He was enjoying the learning. Still improving after 50.000 times. Not nearly as fast as in the beginning and long periods of not improving, but then little burst of improvement that only the thrower himself could notice.

Satisfaction lies in the mindful repitition the discovery of endless richness on familiar form.” George Leonard

Obstacles always occurs. The way a master handle an obstacle is always by accepting fully that it is there. He do not complain or get frustrated, but simply handle it when it comes up, and learn from it. If it can not be fixed the way he tried he changes the approach. If one thing does not work there is no reason to keep trying the same thing. Let your stubbornness go!
Competition can slow you down! For example: I used to play basket and I remember caring allot about if I made ”that shot” or not. It slowed down my learning process. Another thing is that you might deside to do a layup (running and laying the ball in the net) instead of shooting when at practice. Deep inside you know you should rather be practicing shots but you rather want to look good. Remember no matter what you are doing do it for your own benefits, not your ego. And the more you can make a fool out of your self the faster you will learn and the better you will be!
Intentionally work. ”Pumping a weight one time with full awareness is worth ten without!” 
-Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Those who are best at weightlifting don’t think ”Damn this weight is heavy”. Rather while they are lifting they need 100 % focus on what they are doing. A deeply relaxed mind is needed for this.

There has been tests around mental training and results. They trained two teams which was at the same level. One team was given real training. The other team just visualization and relaxing techniques. Strange enough the team who was just visualizing got more improvement. The best is off course a combination. And taking continues action is absolutely necessary. 

Balance. Most people are either stressed out or just lazy. The key is to know your body. Learn how your body works. Feel your body and take a look. Are you doing too much or too little? The more you practice this the better you will be and the better your body will feel. 

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Erik Timberhill

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