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Do you find you’re constantly fighting against the voice in your head? (2011-3-19)

I want to share something Johnny Soporno wrote, it’s really good. Enjoy! That voice, the one often called our “inner monologue”, is one which many mistakenly consider to be “The Voice of Reason”, generally heard trying to remind you of WHY you shouldn’t attempt whatever new thing you wish to try, or shouldn’t approach that pretty [...]

journey to enlightenment part 6 (2011-2-8)

How to release destructive mental patterns. Erik Timberhill

Journey to enlightenment part 5 – Meditation and Pranayama (2011-1-25)

My journey has been alot of confusion, pain, joy, pleasure so far. Altough it is going pretty good right now. I’ve been going to fast, releasing too much negative energy in my body. So it is with this like everything, don’t do it too much. I been lucky with addressing this with some very bright people at this [...]

Journey to Enlightenment part 4 – Art of Allowing (2011-1-8)

The art of allowing what is to be and move into the now where deep peace always is pressent. Please leave a comment or a question Student of Life Erik Tømmerås

Journey to Enlightenment part 3 (2011-1-1)

My journey and some tips and guidelines. Enjoy Please leave a comment Student of life Erik Tømmerås

Journey to Enlightenment part 2 (2010-12-22)

How my journey is going and how to transmute fear into light. Enjoy Please leave a comment Student of Life Erik Timberhill

Journey to Enlightenment part 1 (2010-12-22)

A short video on my path on enligthenment. Learn and enjoy Please leave a comment. Student of life Erik Timberhill

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