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Keep your Focus (2011-7-10)

What we focus on is very important for our lives. It is our focus that bring us riches, love and harmony, but only if used right! Did you know that if you focus all the energy of a single light bulb into a tiny tiny beam. You create so much focus energy that it could [...]

Are you addicted to your emotions? (2011-7-1)

Emotions are a very important part of our lives. They give us pain when we don’t live up to our standard and pleasure when we do good. Our emotions are great guidance for knowing if you do the right thing or not. Emotions also give us the motivation to improve and be a better version [...]

The right way of dealing with people (2011-4-6)

Every day we all have to deal with alot of people and there is a wide range of different individuals. But there are some fundamental ways to handle people, so your interference with them will be as pleasant as possible.  Never critesize another person. Doing so will just hurt the other persons feelings and a [...]

Use sunday to make your week easier? (2011-4-3)

At an party this weekend, I met a guy called Thomas Moen, who is a very successful communication consoler and blogger. We talked a bit about planning your week and get things done. He told me that he used to work 16 hours a day, but now he can do the same amount in 7 hours!!  How? Well, [...]

Art of Mastery part 5 (2011-3-12)

Getting the energy for mastery We gain energy by using energy! If you don’t use your body it wears out and slows down. Break free! Allot of energy is blocked in allot of people in the form of spontaneity and creativity. So dear to be spontaneous and creative. Be brave. Anger is the biggest bag [...]

Art of Mastery – part 3 (2011-2-17)

In George Leonard’s book mastery he talks about Aikido – one of the toughest martial arts sports to master! It is a great example. That sport is all about perfecting the basic moves. In the beginning George found it boring doing the same throw over and over again. But then he started to notice small [...]

The Art of Mastery – Part 2 (2011-2-14)

I’m going to talk about how the society shapes you, so you can get a deeper understanding when it comes to Mastery! Okay, so this is what the society now days make you believe. In todays society we are bombarded by constant continues stimulation trough commercials, Internet and television! There is so much information just [...]

The Art of Mastery – part 1 (2011-2-12)

Mastery is a way of living in harmony and peace with what you are learning or doing. When mastery is achieved, your life will flow in a new amazing way. So, what does it take to get mastery of a new skill? Some would say it takes 10.000 hours to be an ”master”. Others would say a [...]

Keys to Happiness (2010-12-23)

How much of your life have you been trying to to find or achieve lasting happiness? Have you ever been thinking to yourself; ”If only I could get this item, have this person in my life or achieve that goal then I would be happy” ? Have you ever gotten what you really wanted and [...]

7 Deeper Understanding – Visualization (2010-6-23)

Visualization and how it works. Deeper understanding of the process and how it effects you and your brain. Erik Timberhill

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