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6 Motivation (2010-5-25)

Check this one out too: Erik Timberhill

5 Visualization and Affirmations (2010-5-21)

So what is vizualisation and affirmations good for? When you visualize what you want and say it out load you’ll teach your subconscious what you want. This will make it work for you. When it works for you, the extra 90 % of brainpower are directed towards your vision. When your subconscious mind accepts your vizualisation [...]

4 Create your Network (2010-5-19)

What is a network? In this post I’m going to talk about creating a network of people. A network is simply the people around you that you have access to. Like friends, collegues, friends friends and so on. These are people who can give you recomendations for jobs, valuable information, inspiration and much much more. [...]

3 Create the Plan from your Dream (2010-5-17)

Okey so now you probably have a big dream that you are excited about! Good, now let’s plan it! The key here is to have the mental image in your mind, of your ultimate goal or purpouse. Then you simply see yourself doing the stuff you need to do in order for you to acheive [...]

2 Believing in Yourself (2010-5-15)

“Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.” Believing in yourself is very important in order for you to accomplish big things in life. So believe in yourself and what you [...]

1 Biggest Dream (2010-5-13)

The first step to becoming more successful in life is to find out what your biggest passion is, your biggest dream. Chose one dream and make that dream big in your mind. If everything was posible how would it look? Make it good. See yourself already having achieved your biggest dream. How does it feel? [...]

14 Days Challenge – Dreams (2010-5-13)

Hey Beautiful people. I’m creating a challenge for you the next 14 days where I will post a new post every second day. The purpose here is for you to get a step closer to where you ultimately would like to be. Here are the subjects: 1. Dreams 2. Believe in Yourself 3. Create the plan [...]

Motivational Videos (2010-3-24)

Motivation videos Erik Timberhill

What really determines our life? (2010-3-24)

What determines how much success we will get? Is it that some people are just lucky or have the perfect childhood? I don’t think so. What is it that makes some people really joyful and happy while others are depressed? What determinates your relationships with other people? I bet you really want to know. Well [...]

Presentation (2010-3-24)

A quick presentation Erik Timberhill

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