The right way of dealing with people

Every day we all have to deal with alot of people and there is a wide range of different individuals. But there are some fundamental ways to handle people, so your interference with them will be as pleasant as possible. 

  1. Never critesize another person. Doing so will just hurt the other persons feelings and a wall will be build between you. What you rather want to do if a person is acting or doing inappropriate; First tell them what you honestly like about them, second tell them that if they improve on (specific area) they could really benefit from it. This will make the person allot more pleased and the changes for him or her making a change is magnificently increased. 
  2. Tell people what you appreciate with them and they will give you more of that. 
  3. Inspire people to take action on what they want. They will love you for it! 
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Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-4-6 Category: Self Improvement

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  1. #1Leon A. Magulas @ 2011-4-6 22:04

    I really felt what you where shearing above, Timberhill. I want to shear the “lnik” I got by reading the “word of the day”:

    I my profession (basketballplayer) we have a lot of issues bound to dealing with critisism and approaching people you want to have a constructive relationship with. Where the above mentioned often takes place between trainer and player during practise, bouth individual and team-related. The way Erik Timberhill builds up a basic-”skeleton” of “How to approach a person you want to correct and be constructive with”. I liked the way you first looked to give the person a positive picture of the situation by enlightening something he/she do good. When the person have the positive “vibes” from the “well don”-sesation you are bouned to give he/she by underlineing what they did outstanding, you (as a trainer) will get easyer “material” to shape, because by then the person would establish a good rellationship with the “tutor” and will have more subconscious trust to preform the needed constructive work, to progress.

    We players have a lot to learn from this way to approach someone, because if we do we will automaticaly have better presupposions to even reverse the process and build a good “tutor-student” rellationship from our point of view!

    Thanks Erik!


  2. #2Erik Tømmerås @ 2011-4-8 21:51

    Your Welcome! It is cool That you can see the benifit’s from this :)

  3. #3Henrik Nyholm @ 2011-4-22 10:56

    Cool dude :D
    I really felt it too :)

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