Journey to enlightenment part 5 – Meditation and Pranayama

My journey has been alot of confusion, pain, joy, pleasure so far. Altough it is going pretty good right now.

I’ve been going to fast, releasing too much negative energy in my body. So it is with this like everything, don’t do it too much. I been lucky with addressing this with some very bright people at this forum:

I was advised to do something called pranayama before meditating. Pranayama stabilize and relaxes your nerve system. It teaches you too breath better, so you will live longer. Your mental health will increase, so you will feel better and be more positive, removing mental blocks.

Pranayama can be done by focusing your awareness on the base of your spine. When you breath in let the energy flow up from the base of your spine up trough your neck and into the brain and from there into your third eye. You might not feel this energy yet, but just pretend or visualize it is there and it will come with time. Then when you breath out put your awareness back to your first chakra at the base of your spine and feel the energy building up if you can do so.

While doing this have a slow relaxed breath trough your nose. Breath deep into your stomach. No pushing for it, just allow the air go down there as much as possible.

When you have mastered this you could add ocean breath. Which is simply closing your trouth a little while breathing (almost like snoring). This will slow down your breathing more which is ideally. You can also let your out-breath go slower than the in-breath.

When you have done this for 5 – 10 minutes just glide in to an easy meditation.

Meditation is for me, feeling the bliss of my inner body without any thoughts. It brings more peace, love and joy into your life. You will be able to think much clearer and take better decisions. New growth will be faster when you take time to clear your mind and relax.

The way to do this would be to first notice your breathing and let it be how it is. Then just be aware of your tought without any judgement, no matter watch your thoughts are. When you give unwanted thoughts space to be, then they can dissolve. In the beginning there will be allot of thoughts but after a little while the space between thoughts will lengthen and more awareness and bliss will come. After some time you will be able to feel your inner energy-field. You might even feel like your body is infinite. That’s a great feeling of love and unity of everything.


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Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-1-25 Category: Enlightenment

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