Keys to Happiness

How much of your life have you been trying to to find or achieve lasting happiness? Have you ever been thinking to yourself; ”If only I could get this item, have this person in my life or achieve that goal then I would be happy” ? Have you ever gotten what you really wanted and thought finally I found true happiness only to find out after a week maybe after a month that it is not that satisfying anymore. Then you start over again; ”If I only could get this…” and so on.

This seems to be the sad reality for many people. But guess what! True happiness can never be found in a future goal!

Nor can it be found if you dwell on the past and accusing other people for your pain or thinking that things where better before. Stop running those damaging mental scripts, it is only giving more pain. Learn how to dissolve it. You can start here.

Time for you to know the secret behind lasting happiness and fulfillment!

I saw a great quote on facebook recently. ”You will never be happy before you want what you got.”
That’s a great quote witch tells us a key to happiness. Be grateful for what you already got and be grateful now, don’t think ”I will start to be grateful when my paycheck arrived or when my disease is finished. Accept what you cannot do anything about as well.

”True happiness and fulfilment is a state of mind”

Think of your brain as an computer. In this computer you have a software installed. This software includes all your reactions, emotions and thought patterns.

Now, Imagine a normal persons brain.

Let’s say this brain runs on this pattern: If I only..  + X (got a teddy bear)  = happiness
This shows that if you get a the teddy bear you will be happy. But there is a problem ready to pop up soon. You have a thought pattern of lack saying: ”If I only..” You are not used to be satisfied and you are used to having that pattern, so your brain will soon figure out a way to give you a new ”lack” and start the process over again. So you need to install a new software saying ”I am happy right now and I fully accept my situation”. Now that will lead to happiness.

This is true for all kind’s of sufferings the mind gives you. You mind tend to recreate patterns from the past to fit the emotional needs of the ego. It could be eg. a woman who has been abused and she always tend to find new men who abuse her. Why? Unconsciously she is addicted to those emotions she get’s from that.

What kind of bad emotional and mental script are you addicted to?

Learning how to dissolve these patterns and being grateful in the present will lead to fulfillment and happiness from within! It will also give you a deep sense of core confidence.

If you want to learn and discover more about this theme and how to dissolve bad patterns in your life, contact me and I will give you an good offer!

Merry Christmas!

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Erik Tømmerås

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2010-12-23 Category: Self Improvement

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