Mastery part 4 – Exclusive!

5 Important keys for your success!


Your body and mind will always try to keep the circumstances it is used to. It is like an oven with a thermostat. If you put it on 20 degrees Celsius, it might go up to 21 and then turn it self off, then when the temperature is down at 19 it turns it self on again.
So if you make a huge change in your life. It is most likely that your body is going to react sooner or later. It could seem like you are getting sick, your mind can give you reasons for this not being right and so on. So be aware of this and keep going either way.
Friends and family aren’t always to excited if you make a big change. Their environment also change when you change. Be prepared for some crap might come from them, but don’t take it too sirous – it’s just human nature.

Be willing to take a step back

Regognise when you are taking on too much and be willing to take a step back. The worst thing you can do is to get burned out. But then again work the resistance and don’t let other people stop you and tell you that you can’t do it, becouse you can!


Find some people who are going on your path. Talk with them and share experiences. Someone who has been on the path before is to great help for you. It will give you inspiration and the motivation you need to stay on your purpouse. You are much more likely to follow trough when people around you do the same as you.


Follow a regular practise, so it eventually becomes a habbit. This will keep you fokused. After about 30 days you have a new habbit. After 4 month it is fully intregrated in your nerve system, so it will be harder not to do it!


Learning is an ongoing prossess that continues troughout your whole life if you dicide to! And it should be so. Learning is to change.

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-2-24 Category: Enlightenment

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