På søndag tok jeg en kroppsanalyse med en kompis som jobber på elixia. Er ganske gøy å se alle detaljene!

Her er analysen: (Klikk for større bilde)
Veldig lav fettprosent, men ellers ser det jo bra ut. Står mer om hva det på testen betyr her:

Skal droppe 30 min intervalltrening i et par uker for å øke fettprosenten til mellom 7-9 %

Hvis noen har noen tips til å øke fettprosenten på en sunn måte, tar jeg gjerne imot det!

Lev med Entusiasme! :D


En Awesome Helg

I helgen som var ble jeg invitert med på et seminar med Micheal Lassen som har jobbet med noen av de mest kjente NLP coachene, som richard bandler og mange fler. Han har 15 år bak seg med erfaring. Seminaret het congruent man. Det handlet om det å være kongruen med hvem du vil være og hva du vil gi til verden.

Det å være en kongruent, balansert person krever at du vet hvor du vil, tar handling og holder fokuset mot din visjon. Det krever også at du blir kvitt gamle følelsemessige problemer som stopper deg fra å la deg skinne til det fulleste, som den du virkelig er.

Jeg møtte mange fantastiske folk der med gode hjerter, som ville opnå noe stort og fantastisk med livet sitt. Altid kult å treffe slike mennesker.

Seminaret varte i 2 hele dager og besto av teori samt mange øvelser som virkelig gjorde at øynene ble opnet opp til mange muligheter. Under en av øvelsene slapp jeg løs en veldig stor følelse som har vært med meg i lang tid. Det var både skremmende å godt. Jeg gråt litt, så følte jeg en stor forandring. Hele brystet mitt ble veldig varmt og jeg kjente at det ble sluppet løs mye giftstoffer (Det produseres giftige kjemikale i kroppen når man har negative følelser). Jeg følte at masse spenninge i hodet og øvre rygg løsnet. Når jeg fortalte om hva jeg følte kom det enda mer. Tårene fosset. Ikke fordi jeg var lei meg, men en veldig befriende følelse.

Etter dette gikk jeg ut en tur i parken. På veien så jeg Jens Stoltenberg med to bodyguard’s. Han snakka i iPhonen sin om å overføre et par mill til noen. Jeg gikk vidre og snakka litt med en søt jente før jeg satt meg i satt meg i parken. Jeg endte opp å legge meg i gresset og se opp på grenene til trærne og den blå himmelen. Var veldig deilig. Sommern er rett rundt hjørnet nå, tenkte jeg.

- Be congruent

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The right way of dealing with people

Every day we all have to deal with alot of people and there is a wide range of different individuals. But there are some fundamental ways to handle people, so your interference with them will be as pleasant as possible. 

  1. Never critesize another person. Doing so will just hurt the other persons feelings and a wall will be build between you. What you rather want to do if a person is acting or doing inappropriate; First tell them what you honestly like about them, second tell them that if they improve on (specific area) they could really benefit from it. This will make the person allot more pleased and the changes for him or her making a change is magnificently increased. 
  2. Tell people what you appreciate with them and they will give you more of that. 
  3. Inspire people to take action on what they want. They will love you for it! 
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Erik Timberhill

Use sunday to make your week easier?

At an party this weekend, I met a guy called Thomas Moen, who is a very successful communication consoler and blogger. We talked a bit about planning your week and get things done. He told me that he used to work 16 hours a day, but now he can do the same amount in 7 hours!! 

How? Well, he said he planned every Sunday; what to do every day for the next week or two.
I have also tried that, but I found it too boring. So I asked him -Don’t you get bored? He answered that he only planned the days so that 50 % of the day and then had 50% to be spontaneous and do whatever he wanted. Sounds to me like you actually get more freedom, doing it this way! imagine having half the day doing whatever you want, not having to worry about things you need to have done, because it is alredy planed… Bye bye stress! 
How come he get’s more done in less time? 
By focusing only on the task witch is planed. F.ex he has one block of time to look at email’s and one block for writing blogpost. By doing this he is able to focus all his attention on this thing. This is something I think most people can learn from. Instead of Facebook – work – Facebook – work like most people. 

I’m defently gonna schedule my week this way! 

I would love to hear your opinion on this! 
Have a nice day! :)  
Erik Timberhill

Perfect Morning Routine

Having a good morning routine is something that sets up your day for mastery. Most of the people who have acheived great things had a morning routine. The way the morning goes is usually how the rest of the day goes.

There are many ways to start your morning, but here is what I found works the best.

  • Get up instantly, don’t wait just another minute! Your body will get used to this and you will actually start too feel energized right away if you do this for a while.  


  • Say “thank you for a new amazing day with new opportunities.”  


  • If you wan’t to loose weight go out and take a run right away. This really boost your energy for the whole day as well! Then eat something healthy.  


  • If you wanna gain weight, like me, eat a light meal first.  


  • Before you run, go outside and think of all the things you are grateful for. This really takes the edge off and puts your mind in a more productive state! Then think of all of that which you want to have; Imagine and feel like you already have it. It is amazing how much more energy and enthusiasm you will get by doing this. Your goals will be acheived alot faster and with more joy and certainty.  


  • How do you want your day to be? We have a tendency to create whatever circumstances which match our moods. Think of a happy day and your day will most likely be a happy day :)


  • Stretch. It gives flexibility and improves blood circulation, which is key for a healthy and happy body.  


  • Study something for at least 30 minutes that is of benefit for your life. That’s about 2 books a month! 


Just doing this morning routine every day will improve your life in so many ways! I’m blessed to feel the benifits of this every single day!

Have an amazing day!

Student of Life
Erik Timberhill

Do you find you’re constantly fighting against the voice in your head?

I want to share something Johnny Soporno wrote, it’s really good. Enjoy!

That voice, the one often called our “inner monologue”, is one which many mistakenly consider to be “The Voice of Reason”, generally heard trying to remind you of WHY you shouldn’t attempt whatever new thing you wish to try, or shouldn’t approach that pretty girl you’d like to know, etc, etc, etc….

THAT IS THE VOICE OF YOUR EGO and it’s NOT you, nor is it your friend – it’s actually UNCONCERNED with your happiness, comfort, or satisfaction, and just exists to keep you from progressing.

The Ego is merely the avatar of ourselves each one of us generates automatically as we begin to develop language. Without intending to, we imbue this avatar with the power to speak TO US, and we are a captive audience to it!

The Ego is how we envision we are, based on both collected (received) and projected (imagined/assumed) assessments of how we are perceived by others.

When one begins to be able to identify themselves as an abstraction, ["I am Johnny"] and they begin to appreciate their attributes as defined by observers (such as your parents, telling you as a child that you’re a good boy, and a handsome boy, a smart boy, etc…) they define their avatar using these assigned attributes: “Johnny is a good, handsome, and smart boy”.

The challenge throughout ones life is to learn to communicate with their own avatar (which they may mistakenly believe to be themselves) in a non-destructive or demotivating way, since the Ego has only ONE fear (humiliation/embarrassment, which makes it feel diminished) and ONE agenda – protecting itself from being diminished!

YOU may wish to extend and expand yourself, to embrace new and broader vistas and experiences, but first you must satisfy your Ego that it is not in jeopardy of being diminished – and that requires your fortifying your confidence and self-esteem sufficiently that your Ego won’t try to talk you out (or frighten you out!) of attempting something new – or at least, becoming solid enough that you can persevere, forcing yourself onward through the shouts and harangues which your Ego will hurl at you!

Remember: It is IMPOSSIBLE to improve or enhance your skills in anything without RISKING FAILURE. And Risking Failure is something a weak person’s ego DEFINITELY doesn’t want them to do! (After all, IF THEY FAIL, the Ego will be embarrassed!)

Once you come to accept that you CANNOT PROGRESS without risking failure, and that your Ego would happily let you stagnate in depression rather than have you potentially embarrass it, you can emancipate yourself from its oppression! First, you must realize that is it not ‘YOU’; and that it CAN NOT DO ANYTHING TO HARM YOU, without your permission!

That’s right – It has NO power!

It can merely shout at you inside your head, and try to convince you of the folly of your intentions… BUT IF YOU HAVE ‘REASONED CONFIDENCE’ IN YOURSELF, you can simply respond to your Ego’s voice as you would an annoying and closed-minded neighbor, shouting criticisms from their porch, by simply dismissing their comments with a lighthearted “Thank you!” – and then proceeding with your own agenda, unimpeded.

(Jamie Smart taught me the fantastically elegant method of suppressing your ego by literally verbally “thanking it”, rather than arguing with it! What a magnificent reframe!)

So, everyone must return to the level of enthusiastic and adventurousness of their early childhood – before their Ego began to constrain them through accepting (or presuming!) criticisms from others!

By Johnny Soporno

Art of Mastery part 5

Getting the energy for mastery

We gain energy by using energy! If you don’t use your body it wears out and slows down.

Break free! Allot of energy is blocked in allot of people in the form of spontaneity and creativity. So dear to be spontaneous and creative. Be brave. Anger is the biggest bag of blocked energy, so either transform it to positive energy. Which I talk about in my Journey to enlightenment. Or you can use it for working furiously on your work.

Working out is absolutely necessarily to have allot of energy. Keep your self fit, it has allot of benefits!

Positive outlook on live is very important. Give your self and others positive feedback. Complaining drains your energy bigtime! Even tough you have a positive outlook, you deal with the negative stuff, but do not complain. Just do it.

Telling the truth and speaking your mind also gives allot of energy. Every time you don’t speak up you get smaller.

Everyone have a dark side. Honor it. It has allot of energy stored up throughout limitations given to us to express ourselves fully as kids. Break free! Allot of energy is blocked in allot of people that keeps them from experiencing spontaneity and creativity. So deer to be spontaneous and creative. Be brave. Anger is the biggest bag of blocked energy, so either transform it to positive energy. Witch I talk about in my Journey to enlightenment. Or you can use it for working furiously on your work.

Priorities is important. You need to decide what you going to use your energy for and what not to use it on. Make sure what you do are not conflicting and that you have chosen one main direction. Accept that you cannot to everything now, but you can do one thing then another and then another. A good way to get done allot is by have A B & C priorities. A is a must. B should be done but not that important. C not important, but do it if you got time.

Make Commitments. Creating a deadline will make you work better and harder. Be reasonable so you are sure you going to make it. You could tell family and friends what you are committing to also to boost your motivation. Mastery is not to achieve a goal tough, but an endless journey of enjoying the moment, but still it is good to have commitments!

Stay on the path with regular practice. There will ofcourse be times when you are tired and need to do less and times where you have more energy and can do more. The art is to go with the flow of energy. Push yourself at times but never over the edge.

Erik Timberhill

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Art of Mastery – part 3

In George Leonard’s book mastery he talks about Aikido – one of the toughest martial arts sports to master! It is a great example. That sport is all about perfecting the basic moves. In the beginning George found it boring doing the same throw over and over again. But then he started to notice small distinctions in every trow. He was enjoying the learning. Still improving after 50.000 times. Not nearly as fast as in the beginning and long periods of not improving, but then little burst of improvement that only the thrower himself could notice.

Satisfaction lies in the mindful repitition the discovery of endless richness on familiar form.” George Leonard

Obstacles always occurs. The way a master handle an obstacle is always by accepting fully that it is there. He do not complain or get frustrated, but simply handle it when it comes up, and learn from it. If it can not be fixed the way he tried he changes the approach. If one thing does not work there is no reason to keep trying the same thing. Let your stubbornness go!
Competition can slow you down! For example: I used to play basket and I remember caring allot about if I made ”that shot” or not. It slowed down my learning process. Another thing is that you might deside to do a layup (running and laying the ball in the net) instead of shooting when at practice. Deep inside you know you should rather be practicing shots but you rather want to look good. Remember no matter what you are doing do it for your own benefits, not your ego. And the more you can make a fool out of your self the faster you will learn and the better you will be!
Intentionally work. ”Pumping a weight one time with full awareness is worth ten without!” 
-Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Those who are best at weightlifting don’t think ”Damn this weight is heavy”. Rather while they are lifting they need 100 % focus on what they are doing. A deeply relaxed mind is needed for this.

There has been tests around mental training and results. They trained two teams which was at the same level. One team was given real training. The other team just visualization and relaxing techniques. Strange enough the team who was just visualizing got more improvement. The best is off course a combination. And taking continues action is absolutely necessary. 

Balance. Most people are either stressed out or just lazy. The key is to know your body. Learn how your body works. Feel your body and take a look. Are you doing too much or too little? The more you practice this the better you will be and the better your body will feel. 

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The Art of Mastery – Part 2

I’m going to talk about how the society shapes you, so you can get a deeper understanding when it comes to Mastery!

Okay, so this is what the society now days make you believe. In todays society we are bombarded by constant continues stimulation trough commercials, Internet and television! There is so much information just poring into our minds. So your brain goes: ”this or that? Or maybe this?” Most people are very confused on which direction to take because there is so many ways to choose. All the new trends within fashion, latest electronic device and so on. constant looking for the next high. The next thing that is cooler, more beautiful or better. Nothing wrong with that, but when you begin to seek out your sense of self and fulfilment out of that you will get disappointed sooner or later!

So what’s my point with all this? My point is that society ”programmes” your mind into follow the masses! This happens trough TV, Internet and advertises. Since the masses are so unstable you will constantly reach for the ”next thing”. Suddenly what you got is not good enough.

As a follower you unconsciously or consciously believe that the next thing will free you or make you fulfilled. And guess what it might seem like that for a little while but then only to fade away when the ”next thing” comes! It’s like: ”wooow, look at my new iPhone 5, I’m finally fulfilled, all my problems are gone now! ” but then Iphone 6 comes ;P

Look, society makes you believe that you can live on a constant high, happy land. Just look at the celebrities. Do you think all of them are as happy as they look all the time? I’m not saying celebrities are unhappy, but your level of fulfilment does not change just becouse you become a celeb.

Lets have a look at commercials.
Your mind looks at the commercial and see this guy who has the new Gillette with 5 blades, he got a stunning hot woman holding around him and he looks pretty damn happy. What happens unconsciously, since we humans automatically has an instinct to look for what works in others for us to evolve faster, is that we link up having that Gillette to joy and hot woman. Next time you are in the store you are more likely to by the Gillette than any other barber-blades.

So, finaly what is Mastery?

A master accept and enjoyes the plateau and allways continues to get to the next plateau.

Mastery is a way of life. A deep knowing, a deep sense of self fulfilment. As a master you no longer look outside for who you should be. You have your own values and value them to the fullest. Then you use the learning from the outside and use it. Not as a follower but as a master! Instead of going after quick fixes, you understand the long term commitment to change or learning is necessary. You change things on a deep level. Not only on the surface level, where allot of the self-develop material is at. I suggest you to read “7 habits of highly effective people” to get a deeper understanding of deep identity shift and fulfilment.

Let’s talk about how a master develops! The first thing you need to understand is that whatever your goal is it is not going to make you happy. Yes maybe you’ll get happy for a week or two, but that’s it. So learning to enjoy the process is the most important key for mastering any skill efficiently! If you think a little larger your whole life is a process. A true master enjoys everything in life. Yes you can learn to enjoy the process of taking the dishes!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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The Art of Mastery – part 1

Mastery is a way of living in harmony and peace with what you are learning or doing. When mastery is achieved, your life will flow in a new amazing way.

So, what does it take to get mastery of a new skill? Some would say it takes 10.000 hours to be an ”master”. Others would say a lifetime. For me Mastery is simply the commitment for steady long term improvement. Mastery is all about the practise it self and it’s about having the journey as a goal and not the goal it self- if that makes sense. If it doesn’t don’t worry it will later.

Have you ever started on something new that you really enjoyed, but then later, when your development has slowed down magnificent and mabe even stopped for a little while, you get bored with it and quit?
Or mabe you continued but it was no longer as satisfying?
Or mabe you pushed your self really hard to get to the next level only to get burned out later?
Have you ever done something that was not helping you in your development only because you wanted to look good or was afraid to make a fool out of yourself?

If you are like me you probably have experienced some of these in different areas of your life. These articles will be perfect for you!

However if you are able to cherish every moment you have, finding the enjoyment in everything you do and are getting continues improvement. You don’t need to read this :)

Okay, so in this post I am going to introduce you to some personality-types that you might recognise yourself in. There are four types here. I’m going to show you how they approach learning new skills. This is a very good read for you to discover your own patterns that are STOPPING YOU from living life to the fullest!



This is a graph that showes the progress of learning a new skill. A plateau is the straight line after the bump. 

A dabbler start’s off with enormous enthusiasm. He loves to get started. Goes out buy’s the best tennis racket right away.
He’s motivation is on top until he reaches a plateua, then he goes down and start to rationalise. ”Not my thing”, ”Don’t got the time” and so on…

The dabbler always look for the new thing. The new ego boost. When the boost goes down the dabbler will do something else.



”Only the best is good enough”
He works obsessively on his goals. Refusing to accept plateau.
He is Impatient. Trying to keep his starship at full speed refusing to stop for fuel or cool the engines down. Then eventually he burns out and falls hard!


The Hacker

He lives in his comfort zone.
Often just hanging on he’s current plateau.
At work he does just enough to the payment.
You often see the hacker in a safe marriage where all the external things are at place, but the internal often comes secondary.

Hopefully you got a clearer picture on where you stand when it comes to your amazing journey into mastery!

PS: You can be f.ex. a hacker in one area of your life and a dabbler in another area.
PPS:  This knowlegde is mainly taken from the book Mastery by George Leonard.

Mastery will come in part two!

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