Perfect Morning Routine

Having a good morning routine is something that sets up your day for mastery. Most of the people who have acheived great things had a morning routine. The way the morning goes is usually how the rest of the day goes.

There are many ways to start your morning, but here is what I found works the best.

  • Get up instantly, don’t wait just another minute! Your body will get used to this and you will actually start too feel energized right away if you do this for a while.  


  • Say “thank you for a new amazing day with new opportunities.”  


  • If you wan’t to loose weight go out and take a run right away. This really boost your energy for the whole day as well! Then eat something healthy.  


  • If you wanna gain weight, like me, eat a light meal first.  


  • Before you run, go outside and think of all the things you are grateful for. This really takes the edge off and puts your mind in a more productive state! Then think of all of that which you want to have; Imagine and feel like you already have it. It is amazing how much more energy and enthusiasm you will get by doing this. Your goals will be acheived alot faster and with more joy and certainty.  


  • How do you want your day to be? We have a tendency to create whatever circumstances which match our moods. Think of a happy day and your day will most likely be a happy day :)


  • Stretch. It gives flexibility and improves blood circulation, which is key for a healthy and happy body.  


  • Study something for at least 30 minutes that is of benefit for your life. That’s about 2 books a month! 


Just doing this morning routine every day will improve your life in so many ways! I’m blessed to feel the benifits of this every single day!

Have an amazing day!

Student of Life
Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-3-22 Category: Health

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