The Art of Mastery – part 1

Mastery is a way of living in harmony and peace with what you are learning or doing. When mastery is achieved, your life will flow in a new amazing way.

So, what does it take to get mastery of a new skill? Some would say it takes 10.000 hours to be an ”master”. Others would say a lifetime. For me Mastery is simply the commitment for steady long term improvement. Mastery is all about the practise it self and it’s about having the journey as a goal and not the goal it self- if that makes sense. If it doesn’t don’t worry it will later.

Have you ever started on something new that you really enjoyed, but then later, when your development has slowed down magnificent and mabe even stopped for a little while, you get bored with it and quit?
Or mabe you continued but it was no longer as satisfying?
Or mabe you pushed your self really hard to get to the next level only to get burned out later?
Have you ever done something that was not helping you in your development only because you wanted to look good or was afraid to make a fool out of yourself?

If you are like me you probably have experienced some of these in different areas of your life. These articles will be perfect for you!

However if you are able to cherish every moment you have, finding the enjoyment in everything you do and are getting continues improvement. You don’t need to read this :)

Okay, so in this post I am going to introduce you to some personality-types that you might recognise yourself in. There are four types here. I’m going to show you how they approach learning new skills. This is a very good read for you to discover your own patterns that are STOPPING YOU from living life to the fullest!



This is a graph that showes the progress of learning a new skill. A plateau is the straight line after the bump. 

A dabbler start’s off with enormous enthusiasm. He loves to get started. Goes out buy’s the best tennis racket right away.
He’s motivation is on top until he reaches a plateua, then he goes down and start to rationalise. ”Not my thing”, ”Don’t got the time” and so on…

The dabbler always look for the new thing. The new ego boost. When the boost goes down the dabbler will do something else.



”Only the best is good enough”
He works obsessively on his goals. Refusing to accept plateau.
He is Impatient. Trying to keep his starship at full speed refusing to stop for fuel or cool the engines down. Then eventually he burns out and falls hard!


The Hacker

He lives in his comfort zone.
Often just hanging on he’s current plateau.
At work he does just enough to the payment.
You often see the hacker in a safe marriage where all the external things are at place, but the internal often comes secondary.

Hopefully you got a clearer picture on where you stand when it comes to your amazing journey into mastery!

PS: You can be f.ex. a hacker in one area of your life and a dabbler in another area.
PPS:  This knowlegde is mainly taken from the book Mastery by George Leonard.

Mastery will come in part two!

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Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-2-12 Category: Self Improvement

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