The Art of Mastery – Part 2

I’m going to talk about how the society shapes you, so you can get a deeper understanding when it comes to Mastery!

Okay, so this is what the society now days make you believe. In todays society we are bombarded by constant continues stimulation trough commercials, Internet and television! There is so much information just poring into our minds. So your brain goes: ”this or that? Or maybe this?” Most people are very confused on which direction to take because there is so many ways to choose. All the new trends within fashion, latest electronic device and so on. constant looking for the next high. The next thing that is cooler, more beautiful or better. Nothing wrong with that, but when you begin to seek out your sense of self and fulfilment out of that you will get disappointed sooner or later!

So what’s my point with all this? My point is that society ”programmes” your mind into follow the masses! This happens trough TV, Internet and advertises. Since the masses are so unstable you will constantly reach for the ”next thing”. Suddenly what you got is not good enough.

As a follower you unconsciously or consciously believe that the next thing will free you or make you fulfilled. And guess what it might seem like that for a little while but then only to fade away when the ”next thing” comes! It’s like: ”wooow, look at my new iPhone 5, I’m finally fulfilled, all my problems are gone now! ” but then Iphone 6 comes ;P

Look, society makes you believe that you can live on a constant high, happy land. Just look at the celebrities. Do you think all of them are as happy as they look all the time? I’m not saying celebrities are unhappy, but your level of fulfilment does not change just becouse you become a celeb.

Lets have a look at commercials.
Your mind looks at the commercial and see this guy who has the new Gillette with 5 blades, he got a stunning hot woman holding around him and he looks pretty damn happy. What happens unconsciously, since we humans automatically has an instinct to look for what works in others for us to evolve faster, is that we link up having that Gillette to joy and hot woman. Next time you are in the store you are more likely to by the Gillette than any other barber-blades.

So, finaly what is Mastery?

A master accept and enjoyes the plateau and allways continues to get to the next plateau.

Mastery is a way of life. A deep knowing, a deep sense of self fulfilment. As a master you no longer look outside for who you should be. You have your own values and value them to the fullest. Then you use the learning from the outside and use it. Not as a follower but as a master! Instead of going after quick fixes, you understand the long term commitment to change or learning is necessary. You change things on a deep level. Not only on the surface level, where allot of the self-develop material is at. I suggest you to read “7 habits of highly effective people” to get a deeper understanding of deep identity shift and fulfilment.

Let’s talk about how a master develops! The first thing you need to understand is that whatever your goal is it is not going to make you happy. Yes maybe you’ll get happy for a week or two, but that’s it. So learning to enjoy the process is the most important key for mastering any skill efficiently! If you think a little larger your whole life is a process. A true master enjoys everything in life. Yes you can learn to enjoy the process of taking the dishes!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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Erik Timberhill

Erik Tømmerås posted at 2011-2-14 Category: Self Improvement

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  1. #1Merdochai @ 2013-3-22 15:05

    Its the most interesting article I ever come across. Thanks for posting this. It is true that society can shape you to be who you are or who you will be. Society can enslave black africans for years and its hard to change the social stigmata or the personal emotional, intellectual, spritual, psuchological and financial freedem that these people deserve as a society or as individual. The same applies to various social injustices on a personal level as well social notion, law & order that gets placed upon a society to legally govern its existance as humanity.

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